BBQ and Buffets at Movie Park Germany



Van Helsings Club

Opposite the attraction of the same name, you can relax after an exciting ride in the "Van Helsing Factory" and enjoy a delicious dinner from our in-house chef.

If you still feel like action and adventure, the Starfleet Academy with "Star Trek: Operation Enterprise" is only a few steps away.

Summer barbecue on the terrace of the "Event Center"

The Mediterranean ambience of a spacious terrace invites you to dream and linger.  Take a seat in this lovingly designed environment and enjoy a hearty BBQ together with your colleagues!

Western barbecue in "The Old West" themed area

Become the protagonist of your own Western and experience the Wild West up close!

The Western Town offers the ideal setting for a special kind of staging: campfire romance, beer from old zinc tubs, country music under a starry sky. This is the highlight for real adventurers...

Enjoy a hearty barbecue in original Western style with country music and cool drinks in our Old West-themed area for you and your guests!

In the authentic Western Saloon with a large bar and a central show stage you will find everything a classic cowboy movie needs.