The success of any company is built on the motivation of its staff:

that’s why Movie Park Germany offers a range of unique, budget-friendly concepts for incentives and company outings to boost team spirit and staff motivation. Give your employees the chance to forget about the daily office grind and recharge their batteries at one of our events – if an incentive event brings the team together and promises a fun day out for everyone involved, it pay for itself many times over: through good performance, identification with the company and high levels of engagement.



Team events: embark on a treasure hunt adventure, shoot a movie or take a CSI training course

Here at Movie Park Germany, you and your employees will find a range of team events that are truly in a class of their own. Take a look through our incentive programme and choose the right option for you:

GPS tour

Kick off a day of adventure together with our new interactive GPS tour! The GPS tour will guide you through all the themed areas of the park. At key points in the park, you’ll find exciting and informative questions about Germany’s biggest film and amusement park. Learn interesting facts and dive into an interactive puzzle-solving adventure of a very special kind!

Films move people...

and people who suddenly have to produce a film together as a crew will thrive and experience MOVING FILM-MAKING MOMENTS – THE MOVING MOVIE INCENTIVE.

In collaboration with SPECIAL CONTENT OPERATIONS, Movie Park Germany is offering an unforgettable team experience in the form of a truly cinematic incentive event. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of extraordinary locations and shoot your own blockbuster! As you wrap up the last few thrilling scenes with your film crew, our friendly catering and service staff will prepare everything you need for your barbecue buffet in the evening. After a day of movie action, you can relax and enjoy a wonderful evening in a beautiful setting. But before you tuck into the culinary part of your event, it’s time to watch your very own blockbuster! The completed masterpieces are presented in style in the projection room of a 1950s cinema. Get swept up into a world full of glamour, stars and starlets. At the end of the event, while you all enjoy your evening meal together, the winning team will be honoured for the best film with an award ceremony and certificates.



CSI training

If you’d like to hone your criminological intuition and help to track down a criminal, we recommend our professional CSI training. Become a professional CSI detective and work together with your team to complete a CSI training course under the guidance of a real CSI agent. During this training, you’ll learn about the different causes of death, how to look for clues at a crime scene to secure fingerprints and much more.

You’ll also lean about criminal profiling and techniques for questioning witnesses and suspects. After approx. four hours of working together as a team to solve the tricky criminal case, participants also have the opportunity to explore Movie Park Germany on their own. Of course, this event won’t just provide nourishment for your mind, but also for your body. Along with an all-inclusive food and drinks deal, your team will receive food and Coca-Cola Company drinks in 5 designated snack restaurants all day long.

Whatever you decide – with our incentives, you’ll keep your employees highly motivated and experience an unforgettable day of movie action together here at Movie Park Germany.

Unique events for all kinds of companies

Whether you’re coming here from North Rhine-Westphalia, Hessen, Baden-Württemberg or further afield, your employees are sure to remember our incentive event as a highlight of the year for a long time to come. Choose one of our incentive programmes and invest in motivating your employees.

Incentive deals and customised programmes are available on request:

Phone: 02045 899 899

The safest family day out by far!

The safest family day out by far!