MP Xpress

Type of attraction
 Roller coaster
Teenagers (14 - 18 y.o.) Adults (>18 y.o)
Access limitations
Minimum height: Minimum height: 130 cm
Maximum height: 195 cm
Adult Companion Required
10 years
Accepted Fast-Passes
 Speedy Pass Gold
 Speedy Pass Platinum
All Year
Approx. 80 km/h
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The ultimate thrill for adrenaline junkies and loop-the-loop fans!

MP Xpress – this roller coaster’s name says it all: you’ll soon forget you’re in Movie Park Germany at all! Why? Because MP Xpress is no ordinary roller coaster: the rails aren’t underneath the car, but above your head! It may not sound like a big deal, but it makes a big difference during the ride: when you look down, you’ll see the solid ground beneath your feet - but with about 30 metres in between!

Heights don’t bother you? Brave enough to ride the MP Xpress? Then climb aboard, secure your shoulder harness, fasten your seat belt – and off you go! The ride begins at a moderate speed, as your car slowly climbs the first incline. ‘MP Xpress?’ you’ll think. ‘No way!’. But then this thought, and all others, will be blown straight out of your mind as you plunge down towards the ground at 80 km/h. You’ll be able to look out over Movie Park Germany from dizzying heights - but you won’t even notice the view with all that adrenaline pulsing through your veins. Get ready for non-stop action on the MP Xpress – and of course, there are loop-the-loops too!

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Less waiting, more action!

Less waiting, more action!

Season passes from

€ 64,90