Pier Patrol Jet Ski

Type of attraction
Access limitations
Minimum height: Minimum height: 100 cm; riders under 120 cm must be accompanied by an adult
Maximum weight: 125 kg per jet ski
Adult Companion Required
All Year
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Drive your jet ski through the waves at Santa Monica Pier!

There has to be order on the water, just like on land. At Movie Park Germany, the Pier Patrol drive around on their jet skis, making sure that everything’s as it should be on the lake. Like the sound of a high-speed jet ski chase? Then hurry on down to Santa Monica Pier and become a member of the Pier Patrol!

You can access the jet skis from the pier via the footbridge with the red railing. Here’s how this wild ride works: first, you choose one of the nine colourful jet skis, which you can reach via further small footbridges. Whether you pick red, blue or green – you’re in for a wild ride! Each jet ski can hold up to 2 people. So if you’d rather not brave the water on your own, you can take someone with you. Just make sure you can agree on who’s in charge of the steering wheel, because you’ll need to use this to control the direction of your jet ski as it whizzes around the platform at top speed.

You’ve probably already guessed this by now, but it’s best to steer clear of Pier Patrol if you’re feeling water shy – there’ll be a lot of splashing around here! After all, the boats whiz right over the surface of the water.

Pier Patrol – Jet Ski is an action-packed combination of a water carousel, speed boat and water ski, where you’ll travel at around 6 metres per second. This attraction is located in the ‘Santa Monica Pier’ area of our theme park.

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Less waiting, more action!

Less waiting, more action!

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