The Lost Temple

Type of attraction
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: Minimum height: 100 cm; riders under 130 cm must be accompanied by an adult
Loud effects, darkness
2 years
Accessible for people with disabilities
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All Year
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(This film set is currently closed!)


Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Callovosaurus: already know your dinosaur ABCs by heart? Then the Lost Temple is the perfect place to put your knowledge to the test – or just to experience an extra special dinosaur adventure! During his excavations in Movie Park Germany, our archaeologist Dr. Jeffrey Carter has unearthed a secret, ancient temple – and inside, there’s a world long thought to be lost...

In the Lost Temple, 700 metres underground, you’ll find more than dusty ruins... Dinosaurs have survived down here for millions of years. And here’s the best part: now, Dr. Carter needs some brave explorers to help him on his breathtaking mission. Sound exciting? Well, it is! So get ready, all you adventurers and dinosaur researchers: it’s time for the expedition of your life. Follow Dr. Carter deep underground – but watch your step! Because the T-Rex has survived in The Lost Temple, too – and he’d love to sink his teeth into some human flesh from above ground!

One thing’s for sure: Dr. Carter’s expedition will take you right into the midst of the dinosaurs - down here, you can see, hear and even smell them. Wait... smell them? Yes, you read that right. Because The Lost Temple is a dinosaur experience for all the senses! What are you waiting for? Join the dino expert down in The Lost Temple and experience dinosaurs right up close – closer than ever before!


There are still a few free seats left on our expedition buses and they absolutely need to be filled. So here’s Dr. Carter’s call to all the fearless adventurers and dinosaur experts among you: 

‘Adventurers of this world, assemble on our expedition buses and complete our team. Discover the mysterious world of dinosaurs together: down here, deep underground, you’ll find fossils, excavations and THE LOST TEMPLE. There are giant skeletons and walls full of crystals just waiting to be discovered. You’ll have to trek through primeval forests, face dangers in exciting excavation sites and help out our dinosaur experts. Join the Movie Park expedition team and embark on the adventure of your life!’


In THE LOST TEMPLE, you’ll find more than just dusty ruins: down here, creatures from ancient times have survived for millions of years. In THE LOST TEMPLE, you can experience the dinosaurs’ world with all your senses – with amazing sights, sounds and smells to discover, the dinosaur park is a unique 4D experience. But be careful, dinosaurs are wild creatures and they don’t make very good pets – at times, you may find they get too close for comfort...

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Less waiting, more action!

Less waiting, more action!

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