The Slaughterhouse

Type of attraction
 Horror attraction
Teenagers (14 - 18 y.o.) Adults (>18 y.o)
Access limitations
Loud effects, darkness
16 years
Disability Access
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You’re invited on a tour of the Meatfactory – but there’s no guarantee you’ll return!

The excesses of our consumer society, combined with a strange virus that has infected all the animals in the food chain, has given one unscrupulous company an unbelievable business idea: selling human flesh!

Open from 6 pm (or earlier in case of large crowds)!

Meatfactory Incorporated, a new branch of the food industry, specialises in the processing and sale of human body parts. Now, you can take a tour of the new factory floor and experience the four production stages of this grisly business live... But be careful - the sheer, immeasurable greed for luxury goods is driving the managers at Meatfactory Inc. zu immer neuen und monströseren Beschaffungsmaßnahmen!

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The safest family day out by a mile - or rather, by 2 metres.

The safest family day out by a mile - or rather, by 2 metres.

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