Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Mystery

Magic Show
All audiences
Disability Access
Studio 7
New Sherlock Holmes show with award-winning illusionist Christian Farla!

Sherlock Holmes investigates at Movie Park Germany - for probably the most magical case of his career! Because none other than the renowned and award-winning master illusionist Christian Farla steps into the spotlight of Studio 7 for the role of the world-famous detective and enchants the guests with a new themed illusion show.

The new family-friendly show takes the audience to Victorian London in the late 19th century. The city's people are suddenly disappearing without a trace, newspapers are piling up with headlines and reports about missing persons. A case for 221B Baker Street! The citizens can only rely on master detective Sherlock Holmes to solve the mysterious disappearances and find the person behind all the intrigues: Holmes' old familiar nemesis Professor Moriarty!

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