Type of attraction
 Horror attraction
Adults (>18 y.o)
Access limitations
Minimum height: No restrictions
Loud effects, darkness, not recommended for pregnant women, people with epilepsy or claustrophobia.
16 years
From 18:00h to 22:00h Please see the noticeboard by the attraction
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On this European tour, you’ll be faced with the deepest, darkest recesses of human nature.

 How much pain can you endure? On a seemingly harmless leisure trip across half of Europe, you’ll discover a place where the extremes of human perversion are revealed as never before, leaving you forever questioning your understanding of good and evil.

Open from 18:00 (or earlier in case of large crowds)!

Driven by your own greed for excess, you set out on an apocalyptic trip through the dark recesses of the human soul - but be careful when you enter the little guesthouse somewhere in Slovakia, because every temptation, no matter how great, could be hiding a horrible trap: here, in their perfidious search for the ultimate thrill, rich businessmen are just waiting for their next victim so that they can live out their murderous fantasies, far beyond any moral inhibitions. Can you escape them? Or will this be the last road trip of your life? If you want to find out, there’s still a room available...


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Book your horror house!

Book your horror house!

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