Madhouse – Insanity Lives Here

Evil awakens not only in the dark, but also in the spotlight! With a new Halloween live show in Studio 7, Movie Park Germany brings the worst nightmares to the stage. For this new production, cooperation partner Dark Thrills Entertainment has brought together talent from around the world. Acts that won over the judges on "America's Got Talent," "Das Supertalent," "Italy's Got Talent" and even a world record holder who picks his own nostrils will be on stage. Shocking thrills, laughs and chills lurk around every dark corner.

Eerie things are going on at Black Hill Asylum. The walls echo with the haunting footsteps, screams and horrors of those trapped here for all time. Viewers of the new live show not only get to know the patients and terrifying staff of this godforsaken mental institution. In their quest to heal humanity, they also discover the cruel experiments of Dr. Hans Killmen, feared head of the psychiatric hospital.


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