Max Bering: Mysterious survivor with music in his luggage

According to stories, the itinerant musician who calls himself Max Bering was exposed to nuclear rain for days at the beginning of the disaster - and yet mysteriously remained unharmed. Today, he roams from safe zone to safe zone amid mutated beasts and other dangers in the wasteland, allowing survivors to forget their troubles for a brief moment. Some claim, however, that he has made a pact with the devil, because his beat is simply murderous!

The fact that no gates remain closed to Max Bering is due to the energizing effect of his music. With his style from House to Future House, the native of Bochum has made a name for himself and has already DJed alongside greats such as Felix Jaehn, Tiesto or Robin Schulz. Max is not only an integral part of the well-known Parookaville festival, but also stirred up the international music scene with the successful release of his single "Life". Also this year many new singles are waiting in the wings and just waiting to conquer the radio stations of this world.  Fight your way to the safe zone, celebrate survival and dance until your feet get tired!


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