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How about some speedy driving fun in a bumper car? Back at the Barnyard Bumpers offers ambitious race car drivers and Barnyard fans fun and action behind the steering wheel. With Otis, the party bull, and his animal friends, you'll be all over the farm in the farmer's car.

All race drivers ages 10 and up or 140 cm or taller can romp about the field single-handedly. For all others, there is a second seat for parents, siblings or friends. But whether alone or together, one thing is for sure – the Barnyard Bumpers are ready to rumble! Choose your favourite car, get in by yourself or together and zip across the farmyard at breakneck speed!

You yourself control how much action you want with the bumper car. Leisurely laps around the farmyard or exciting races against the clock – Back at the Barnyard Bumpers ensures that everybody finds what they're looking for.

This attraction is loads of fun – and not only for car enthusiasts. The bumper car ride "Back at the Barnyard Bumpers" offers young and old an exciting driving experience with that ranch feeling, right in the middle of our theme park: amid cows, pigs and chickens, you can enjoy wreaking havoc on the farm with your fast and furious driving.

Dodging the other bumper cars makes this ride especially thrilling, but even if you collide with the barn door or another farmer, you're well protected by the thick rubber rings. Navigate your bumper car past the grain silo and the cow pasture and enjoy the bumpy ride. The barn and its residents await you!

You'll find Back at the Barnyard Bumpers, the bumper cars with guaranteed fun, at Movie Park Germany, in the "NICKLAND" district.

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