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10 Jahre
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The MP Xpress – when you’re on this roller coaster, the name's the game: you'll forget you're at Movie Park Germany, at express speed! Why? The MP Xpress is no ordinary roller coaster: the rails are not under the car, but above your head! It might sound banal at first, but it makes a huge difference if you glance down during the ride: there you'll see the safe ground beneath your feet, but with about 30 metres in between!

No problem, you say? You'll dare a ride on the MP Xpress? Then climb in, fasten your shoulder bar, fasten your seat belt – and off you go! The ride moves along moderately at first, then your car slowly starts climbing the first incline. "MP Xpress?" you'll be thinking. "No way!" Before this thought, and all others, are blown from your head at full speed, you'll be zooming towards the ground at about 80 km/h. The fact that you can look down on Movie Park Germany from lofty heights will not even enter your mind while the adrenaline pulses through your veins. On the MP Xpress, get ready to rumble – it's the real deal, loop included!


MMP Xpress – more than 600 metres of speed with nothing more than your feet between you and the ground.
Are you up to it? You'll find the hanging loop roller coaster at Movie Park Germany in "The Old West" – climb on! It's now or never!

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