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The Lost Temple: Help – Dinosaurs At The Movie Park!

Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Callovosaurus: you already know your dinosaur ABCs backwards and forwards? The Lost Temple is exactly the right place to test your knowledge – or just to experience an incredible dinosaur adventure! Our archaeologist Dr Jeffrey Carter has been excavating at Movie Park Germany and discovered a mysterious, ancient temple – and inside it a long-forgotten world...

At a depth of 700 metres, there is more to discover in The Lost Temple than dusty ruins: dinosaurs have survived here for millions of years. And the best part: for his breath-taking mission, Dr Carter now needs the support of brave explorers. Sound exciting? It is! So, you adventurers and dinosaur researchers, get ready for the expedition of a lifetime. Follow Dr Carter deep under the earth – but beware! Among the survivors in The Lost Temple is also the T-Rex – and he will glad to have fresh meat from above!

This much is certain: Dr Carter's expedition will lead you among the dinosaurs – down here, you'll be able to see them, hear them and even smell them. Wait a minute – "smell" them? That's right. Because The Lost Temple is a dinosaur experience for all the senses! What are you waiting for? Join the dinosaur scientist as he journeys down into The Lost Temple and experience dinosaurs up close – closer than ever before!

You're ready for an exciting dinosaur adventure in 4D? Then come on over: you'll find The Lost Temple at our Park in the "Hollywood Street Set" area. You can also begin your expedition digitally at


Our expedition buses still have some free seats that absolutely must be filled. So here's Dr Carter's appeal to all intrepid adventurers and dinosaur experts among you:

"You adventurers of the world, come gather together in our expedition buses and make the sensation complete. Let's discover together the mysterious world of the dinosaurs: fossils, excavations and THE LOST TEMPLE await you here, deep under the ground. Giant skeletons and walls full of crystals are waiting to be discovered by you. To this end you will have to cross wild primeval forests, endure danger in awe-inspiring archaeological sites and provide our dinosaur researchers with advice and assistance. Join the Movie Park expedition team and set out for the adventure of a lifetime!"


THE LOST TEMPLE is more than just dusty ruins: creatures from prehistoric times have been surviving here for millions of years. In THE LOST TEMPLE, you can experience the world of dinosaurs with all your senses – seeing, hearing and smelling turn the dinosaur park into a once-in-a-lifetime experience in 4D. But be careful: dinosaurs are wild creatures, not pets – maybe they'll be coming a little closer to you than you like...

Technical data

  • 4D dinosaur attraction
  • 360-degree screen: 46 m long, 5 m high
  • Special effects: wind, smells, heat, seat vibrations, 3D effects
  • Shotcrete used: 2129 m3
  • Steel construction for rocks: 60.000 k
  • Earth moved: 825 m3
  • Reinforced steel: 165 m3
  • Electrical wiring and cablesl: 7000 m
  • Screens: 12
  • Projectors: 7
  • Speakers: 50
  • LED lights: 120

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