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16 Jahre

Imagine waking up and finding that the world you've just known has completely changed all round you. After a global zombie apocalypse, only one thing counts: a never-ending, relentless struggle for mere survival. Join a group of other clueless survivors as they cross a zombie-infected area on the search for a safe haven. But be careful: behind every corner there are Walkers lying in wait for their victims, with the sole aim of killing you as well.

Real actors, state-of-the-art technology and faithfully reproduced filming locations of the various seasons of The Walking Dead® ensure an authentic, intense live experience in The Walking Dead Breakout. Immerse yourself in the world of the TV show on a total of 700 square metres and experience TWD close up and in a form that you are guaranteed not to forget...


  • Current opening times (subject to change): During park opening hours from 13:00 (1:00 pm) for at least 3 hours (longer opening times in summer). The attraction will not be open on 28 and 29 april as well as on 19, 20 and 21 May 2018.
  • Ages admitted: ages 16 and up, unaccompanied; ages 14 and up, only accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (for the sale of the additional tickets and at the attraction itself, age checks are carried out on ID cards).
  • Admission: €6 plus park admission
  • Ticket sales: tickets for the attraction are available at the ticket counters of the Park, directly at the TWD ambulance next to the N.Y.C. Plaza stage and online for advance purchase. Please note that a ticket for the attraction admits the holder to access the attraction solely in connection with a day pass for the Park.


Get your ticket online now for The Walking Dead Breakout! Please note: The Walking Dead Breakout tickets in combination with a day pass are only available subject to availability.


You've always wanted to get in the middle of things rather than just be along for the ride? Just being a fan is not enough anymore? Then come experience The Walking Dead® Breakout: Fan Tour at Movie Park Germany and have a glance behind the scenes of your favourite show! Get your ticket now...


For all TWD and zombie fans, Movie Park Germany will become a pilgrimage site this year. Binge-watching in the living room was yesterday – here you'll find real live action! Instead of clinging to your couch cushions and experiencing the show from a safe distance in front of your TV, you yourself are now wanted. Unlike with The Walking Dead®, you'll have neither motorcycle nor bus, neither crossbow nor sword to save you. Even the groans and wheezes of the Walkers cannot simply be turned down if it gets too scary for you. The only way out of The Walking Dead Breakout: run!

But beware! As with TWD, with The Walking Dead Breakout, not everything is always as it seems. Is the supposed safe haven actually a trap? Is the next Walker maybe already lying in wait behind this peaceful corner? Leave the remote control at home and experience it live – at The Walking Dead Breakout!


In the course of the season 2016, Movie Park Germany will be starting a whole new chapter with its attractions: one permanent horror attraction with a film licence that packs a punch. On an area of over 700 square metres, everything centres on The Walking Dead®, worldwide one of the most successful and most popular TV shows from the US, highly praised by critics.


Faithfully recreated filming locations of the different TV seasons, real actors and state-of-the-art technology make "The Walking Dead Breakout" an authentic, intense and – above all – bloody live experience. Closely coordinated with the AMC Network in the US and pay-TV channel FOX in Germany, the undead – called "Walkers" – put guests to the test, live and close up. "The attraction is not only unique in the 20-year history of the park, but also unique in Germany," says Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus, expressing his excitement at the development. Movie Park Germany has already firmly established itself at the horrific top with its Halloween Horror Fest in October, the largest event of its kind in all of Europe. Now, guests and fans will no longer get their money's worth only on selected days in the year. "We noticed that the demand was very high, and we responded. Setting up the new attraction is part of our strategy: both to offer families something special and, for young people, to make the day in the park as interesting as possible." The age rating for the attraction based on the successful TWD series is set at 16 years.

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