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Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 16:02

What are the daily working hours like?
The shift times vary in the different areas. In general, you can take our season opening times as a basis; our employees work up to five days a week and according to a work schedule.

Do I have to work on the weekend?
Of course! On the weekends and also on holidays we expect especially many visitors. That is why we are naturally also ready to work on the weekends.

Does Movie Park Germany provide accommodation for employees?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide any accommodation on our site. But if you live further away and want to move close by, the colleagues from HR will be glad to provide you with some tips!

How old do I have to be to be able to apply?
If you want to work with us, you must be at least 16 years old. For some positions in our Park, you must be of legal age. We will be glad to answer your questions in your interview.

Can someone also apply who doesn't have a work or residence permit?
Of course, you can apply – but you will have to have all your valid papers with you on your first working day, since you cannot begin your job with us otherwise. We are bound to the legal requirements, of course.

Is it possible to work at Movie Park Germany without being able to speak German?
Without being able to speak German at all, it will of course be difficult to communicate with guests and co-workers. If you speak only very little German but have all the other qualifications, we will try to assign you to an area at first where there is not much guest contact. As soon as your German skills improve, we will see if we can also move you to another department.

When should I apply?
We always advertise all the vacancies via our job offers in the Internet. Starting in January, you can apply for a new season. During the season, we recommend that you keep up with our current job advertisements on our website.

Can I also ask my questions in person?
You have the opportunity to contact our HR department through our telephone hotline 02045/899-540 and ask your questions directly.

Is there an upper age limit for being hired?
No, there's not! We also have retired people on our staff – we welcome that age group, too.

I have a day job and would just like to work at Movie Park Germany on the side. Is that possible?
Of course, that's possible! We not only have different working areas, but also totally different contract options. Let us know how many hours you'd like to work, ideally with your application, and we will try to take your preference into account.

Does Movie Park Germany bear the travel expenses for the application process?
Unfortunately, we are unable to do that due to the high number of applications we receive. We would be pleased to provide you with certification when you have had an interview with us.

What should I do if I want to have a side job during the holidays?
In the summer, you should be willing to work for at least three weeks at a time. You will also have a couple of days free in between, of course! In addition, it would be great if you could also work with us throughout the Easter and/or autumn break. Since we employ many school kids, it makes it easier for everyone, of course, if you do not forget so quickly the skills you've acquired.

How do I know if my application was successful?
We examine every application and forward it to the appropriate department. Sometimes we also forward the application to several departments. Since we often have a great number of applications going on at once, the decision-making process can take several weeks. If your application was successful, we will invite you to a job interview. Otherwise, we will send you your application documents back (if any) and notify you in writing in each case.

Is there a preferred application method?
We prefer you use our application form! Then your data will already be in the system and can be forwarded more quickly to the departments.

Can I introduce myself directly at Movie Park Germany?
Since we have a very high number of candidates, it is unfortunately not possible to make a spontaneous or have a brief personal interview without an appointment. Please apply in writing and then be patient until you hear from us again.

Were we able to answer all your questions?
Then we'll keep our fingers crossed for your application and wish you good luck!

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