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Friday, October 13, 2017 - 17:19

The Halloween Horror Fest 2017 was successfully launched on Saturday. This year, Park guests will again find their personal limits pushed to the breaking point – and still thousands of visitors are expected. There is a new maze expanding the existing repertoire: "Hostel" has moved into the former Hollywood Room and a part of the associated large-scale kitchen of the Event Center. The storyline of the horror film "Hostel" is terrifyingly brutal, so this attraction is only accessible for guests who are 18 years and older. Rich business people pay money to have other people tortured and killed: a perverse idea that has now become "reality" on 750 sqm. There are 20 rooms, each with a different theme.

From the reception desk to the bloody refrigeration chamber, guests will experience their own personal nightmare. The progression of the scenes and the elaborate design of the rooms are the result of the cooperation with the Dutch design firm Del Dracco and the seven-member Movie Park project team. As with "STAR TREK™: OPERATION ENTERPRISE", IMAscore supplied the soundtrack and the appropriate sound effects. All of the media content, including the matching films and projections, has been provided by IMAmedia. Even short sequences from the original movie are used, such as an excerpt from "Pulp Fiction", showing on a TV in the hostel in Slovakia. An absolute highlight: visitors are "locked up" in a real refrigeration chamber for a short while and, at one point, have to walk bent over at 1.30 metres.

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