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Monday, September 11, 2017 - 17:16

Now seven horror attractions await guests / streets also with new themes

One of the most controversial films of the horror genre will be taking up residence at Movie Park Germany at the beginning of the Halloween Horror Fest. Already featuring "The Walking Dead" and "Insidious", Germany's largest film and amusement park is now adding the chiller "Hostel" as its template for a new horror attraction. "With this licence, which we went ahead and purchased for two years, we will be giving our guests yet another chance to take it to the limit", says Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus, giving a small foretaste of the new attraction.

"We'll be offering horror in a new dimension. Even just the basic idea of the film is as terrifying as it is perverse: rich business people pay money to have other people tortured and killed. These are the sorts of thoughts you'd rather not entertain further but just push far away. Something like that can't really exist, can it?" says the Managing Director, asking the question many guests will certainly also be considering. And this is exactly the point where Movie Park Germany most prefers to join the conversation. The Park has hosted the Halloween Horror Fest for 19 years and is thus among the forerunners, Backhaus continues. "We're always having to come up with something new so we can keep our cult status." The event has always been bloody, but now the Park is making another nightmare a reality, hoping to bring guests as close as possible to the torture scenes. Due to the depth of detail used in the scenes, this new horror experience will most likely be permitted only for those 18 years old and up.

From the red light district in Amsterdam to a seemingly harmless hostel somewhere in Slovakia, all the way to the torture rooms in a run-down, abandoned factory, guests will experience 20 different scenes in the chronology of the well-known horror flick. "These are absolutely accurate in every detail, all taken from the first part of the Hostel trilogy. What makes the attraction special is that it plays both in the building and in the outside area", Backhaus explains. For six months now, the five-member project team led by Manuel Prossotowicz has been working on the conceptual design and construction in the Event Center. "Similar to the three main protagonists from the film, our guests will also go on a seemingly harmless leisure tour halfway across Europe, in the course of which the extremes of human perversion are revealed, definitively challenging our understanding of good and evil ", summarises Manuel Prossotowicz.

The storyline of the attraction, the sequence and creative design of the rooms are the result of a cooperation between Movie Park Germany and Dutch design firm Del Dracco. "We watched the film over and over again and developed a concept", says Prossotowicz, the creative mind behind the project. He still prefers to keep his eyes closed in front of the TV during some scenes – even for the tenth time, he reveals with a wink. "I hope we will be able to achieve this effect for our guests as well." Support has been provided by IMAscore and IMAmedia – two companies specialising in the musical and media production of content for the amusement industry.

In addition to the new horror attraction, Manuel Prossotowicz and his creative team are also responsible for the rest of the Halloween Horror Fest. "We will also be presenting a new hypnosis show in the Western Saloon. Stephan Nölle, a ‘confuser of the senses’, will whisk his audience away to a truly mysterious place where the afterworld and reality melt together by the power of the mind, in a round of seemingly harmless necromancy." In addition, large sections of the Park streets will have new themes and designs.

The Halloween Horror Fest at Movie Park Germany is the largest event of its kind in Europe and is a forerunner in Germany, now in its 19th year. More than 250 monsters will be wreaking havoc on the streets of the Park on 17 action days in October and November. The event will launch on October 7. For more information, visit