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Friday, February 12, 2016 - 11:52


The success of every company is a result of the motivation of the employees:

For incentives and company outings, Movie Park Germany offers you unique and cost-efficient concepts for promoting team spirit and employee motivation. Give your employees the opportunity, in one of our events, to forget the daily office grind and to recharge their batteries – and if such an event then also helps the team bond and ensures that everyone involved will have a great time, incentives will be worth many times more their cost: in terms of excellent performance, identification with the company and a high level of engagement.

Team events: adventure treasure hunt, making a movie or CSI training

Here at Movie Park Germany, we provide you and your staff with truly unique team events. Choose a suitable incentive from among our offerings:

Adventure treasure hunt

Experience together as a company a treasure hunting adventure, for example, that will lead you throughout the entire Movie Park. Set out with your team on a mysterious search for the "golden coins" and unravel an exciting mystery. No matter whether you turn your entire company or just individual departments into treasure hunters, the concept is individually tailored to fit the number of participants. The teams are welcomed and divided up by our staff. A detailed "map" guides you through the terrain of the Park and, of course, to our main attractions. Then it is important to solve riddles, prove your courage, follow hidden clues, etc. While the team brings the eventful day to a close by sharing dinner together, the team that has won the Park Rally is honoured with a certificate of award!

Movies move people...

and people who suddenly have to act as a crew to make a film outdo themselves and experience MOVING MOVIE MOMENTS – THE MOVING MOVIE INCENTIVE.

In cooperation with SPECIAL CONTENT OPERATIONS, Movie Park Germany offers a Hollywood-worthy incentive event as an unforgettable team experience. Take advantage of the unique atmosphere of exceptional locations and film your own blockbuster! While you and your crew film the last stirring scenes, our friendly catering and service staff prepare everything for your barbecue buffet that evening. After a Hollywood-worthy day, relax and enjoy a lovely evening in a wonderful atmosphere. But before you begin with the culinary part of your event, it's time to "Roll it!" – for your own blockbuster! The finished masterpieces are elegantly presented in the auditorium of a 1950s cinema. Let yourself be whisked away into a world of glamour, stars and starlets. At the end, the winning team is honoured at the dinner with an award for the best film with a prize and certificate of award.

CSI training

If you'd like to hone your detective skills and go on a manhunt, we recommend our professional CSI training. Become a professional CSI investigator: you and your team will complete CSI training under the guidance of a real CSI agent. You'll learn, for example, what different kinds of death there are or how you can look for clues at the scene of the crime to make sure you find fingerprints.

You will also become acquainted with perpetrator profiling as well as techniques for questioning witnesses and suspects. After about four hours of teamwork and solving the tricky case, participants then have the opportunity to explore Movie Park Germany on their own. The event naturally also includes caring for the physical well-being of the participants. Together with an all-inclusive offer for food and drinks, your team is entitled to food and drinks from Coca-Cola at 5 special snack restaurants, throughout the entire day.

But whatever you decide – our incentives will enable you to lift your employees' motivation level and together you'll experience an unforgettable "Day in the movies" here with us at Movie Park Germany.

Unique events for companies of all kinds

Whether you are coming to us from North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg or from further away, our incentives will long remain in your staff's memory as a highlight of the year. Come and choose one of our incentive programmes and invest in the motivation of your employees.

We will be glad to send you offers for incentives and individual offers on request:

Telephone: 02045 899 899