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Monday, March 28, 2016 - 19:19

You are in the process of organising a meeting for your company and are looking for suitable meeting rooms?

Movie Park Germany not only offers a variety of exciting attractions, but also the appropriate facilities and a spectacular atmosphere for holding meetings and conferences. Regardless of the type of company you are organising a meeting for – at Movie Park, you will find just the right venue for your event.

Locations with Hollywood-worthy atmosphere

You will achieve that extraordinary effect with the vivid scenery at our different locations serving as meeting rooms: whether in the large amphitheatre or in the stylish auditorium of a 1950s cinema – the meetings and conferences we organise for you at our exceptional sites will become unforgettable "blockbusters" that will give wings to your entrepreneurial spirit!

Meeting rooms for any event

Our conference rooms offer enough space for variable group sizes. With up to 450 square metres, our Event Center with its quiet location at the Park entrance issues a special invitation to meetings, conferences and banquets. Even more space is offered by Studio 4, a real film studio that is used for movie and TV productions, offering capacity for up to 700 people.

Of course, the multimedia equipment of the meeting rooms at Movie Park fulfils all the technical requirements and current standards for seamlessly facilitating presentations and speeches. Make use of the extraordinary film scenery, restaurants and show theatres to give your event the perfect subject matter and representative platform.

Meetings at Movie Park Germany: an all-round success

But we not only provide you with coffee, tea and catering during the meeting or conference: the meeting rooms of our California Café, for example, open up directly to a small coffee bar, inviting you to relax there during the breaks. Or you can visit the restaurants at the Park and enjoy the roller coasters or other Park attractions after a successful conference, free of charge.

You can utilise the creative atmosphere of our amusement park to enhance your team's motivation level and imagination and ensure successful results

We would be glad to give you an individual offer on request – simply contact us.