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Movie Park Germany is open again and is looking forward to your visit!

We look forward to welcoming you to Movie Park Germany soon! More details and our opening hours will soon be available on our opening hours calendar. This may vary on a daily basis. Please note that we reserve the right to change the opening hours calendar at short notice due to changes in visitor behaviour. It is essential to book your visit in advance online.
Please read the information below carefully.

  • General information

    The safety of our guests and employees is our highest priority! Even with low incidence numbers, the mask and proof obligation (vaccinated/recovered/tested) still applies at Movie Park Germany! The test centre in our car park C remains open. 

    Every guest over 6 years of age must have tested negative, recovered or be fully vaccinated (min. 14 days) to visit the park.The negative test result must be no more than 48 hours old and must come from an official test centre (no self-tests). More information on the current Corona conditions can be found below.

    You can find more details and our opening hours in our opening hours calendar. This can vary on a daily basis and is based on the incidence values of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the city of Bottrop, both of which must be stably below 50 for 5 working days.

    Should Movie Park Germany have to close again due to an incidence exceedance, all tickets remain valid and can be redeemed at a later date.

    Please note: The ticket offices on site are not open. Therefore, you can only get your general tickets online.

    Do you already have undated day tickets? Then your visit must be registered online here in advance.

    Please read the information below carefully to prepare for your trip to Hollywood in Germany.

  • Necessary documents for the park visit

    Your health and safety are our top priority! We would therefore like to ask all guests to read the current regulations for a park visit thoroughly before their visit.

    Movie Park Germany has been preparing for the reopening of the park in close cooperation with the authorities and has developed a detailed hygiene and infection control measures so that we can offer you a safe and carefree park visit. Below you will find all the important information about your stay at the park, tickets and measures that Movie Park Germany is taking to make your day a movie-like experience.</p> <p>Please note: Before visiting Movie Park Germany, the following proof <i>is absolutely necessary for all guests over following proof is absolutely necessary for all guests over 6 years of age and must be presented to our staff upon request:</p> <ul> <li><b>

    Credentials: Vaccinated, recovered or tested (Note: Digital vaccination cards can also be scanned)

    Dated ticket (reservation/purchase online only)

    Photo ID (for children, the presentation of the health insurance card, a student ID or a copy of the birth certificate is also sufficient, even without a photo).

    Medical Mouth and Nose Protection Checks are already carried out at the visitors' car park and before park entry. Please remember to bring all proof with you and keep it handy from the moment you leave the car park. Without showing this, a visit to the park - despite a valid day ticket - is not possible.

    In order to visit our park, your photo photo ID will be checked. These include identity cards or passports. For children under 16 years of age, it is also possible to show a health card or a student ID. The ID card requirement applies to all children from the age of 6. If no ID card is available for a child, it is sufficient to submit a copy of the birth certificate.

    In Movie Park it is compulsory to wear a mouth and nose protection. Therefore, one must wear medical masks (e.g. surgical mask, FFP2 &amp; 3 mask or mask of comparable certification. Medical masks can also be purchased in the park. The mask is to be worn at the entrance, in the indoor and outdoor queues, inside the rides and inside all roofed buildings as well as in places where the distance of 1.5 meters cannot be observed. However, visitors can move around the free park area without a mask. Masks are compulsory for all guests over 6 years of age without exception.

    Please also note our current park rules and the general contractual conditions

  • Test possibilities for guests

    In order for you to visit Movie Park Germany, proof of vaccination, recovery or a recognised negative test is required in any case. You can show one of the following three documents as entry authorisation:


    Please bring your official vaccination certificate or vaccination card. The original or digital vaccination certificate must be presented as proof. A copy is not sufficient. International guests must be able to present a personalised, dated and printed vaccination certificate.<br>

    In all cases, the complete vaccination certificate must be older than 14 days.</p> <p><u>


    If you have been previously infected with Covid-19, please bring your positive PCR test result or official proof that is at least 28 days old and not older than 6 months. If your positive test result is more than 6 months old, you must submit a recent test result.

    Alternatively, proof can also be in the form of a positive PCR test result or official proof in combination with a single vaccination. The original vaccination certificate must also be presented here. A copy is not sufficient. The vaccination certificate must be older than 14 days.


    Please show your officially recognised, negative Corona test result (PCR or rapid test (so-called citizen test)), which must not be older than 48 hours at the time of your arrival. A negative test result is required from the age of 6 years. Please note: Self-tests will not be accepted. We only recognise tests from an official test centre.

  • Current arrival situation / test centre

    For each day of your visit, you must present a negative test result, which must not be older than 48 hours on arrival. There is a high-capacity walk-in and drive-in test centre in our car park, which you are welcome to use (Note: The test centre only uses spit tests.). Simply select a test date here via the link:

    This quick test is free of charge for visitors residing in Germany.

    To all international guests: If you are travelling from abroad and would like to take advantage of our on-site test offer, this is only possible for a fee (€18 per person).

    Positive test on site

    If you test positive for the coronavirus in a rapid test at the local test centre on the Movie Park premises, you and your companions must leave the premises immediately and go into quarantine and contact your local health office.

    In this case, your tickets will be cancelled by us free of charge for the date you booked and will remain valid. Please contact with proof of your positive test result.

  • Ticket purchase and redemption

    Movie Park Germany is also reducing its visitor capacities this season in order to provide its guests with a safe and carefree visit. To visit our park, you therefore need a day ticket.

    This can only be purchased online and in advance by you. The on-site ticket offices are permanently closed, so an advance reservation via our webshop is absolutely necessary to visit our park. Ticket purchase for selected visit days is now possible.

    Undated tickets that have already been purchased (such as company tickets, tickets from third-party providers, web shop tickets without a fixed visit date, free tickets and annual passes, etc.) remain valid, but must also be registered in advance via the web shop and activated for the day of your choice.

    Due to official regulations, the number of tickets available per day is limited and Movie Park Germany can only allow a reduced number of visitors into the park. Please understand that a spontaneous visit is not possible without a pre-reserved ticket. The purchase and exchange of tickets at the Park's ticket offices is excluded.

    Unused day tickets 2020

    Day tickets from 2020 that have not yet been used to visit the park can still be used up to and including 31/07/2021. Please also use our online reservation for these Annual Pass

    You can still visit us as often as you like, but it is necessary to register online in advance for the day of your choice. We have reserved a fair quota of the daily capacity for you. After the visit, you can select a new visit date.

    As already announced in 2020, we have automatically extended your 2020 annual pass by the corona-related closure days so that you can still use it until 31 July 2021.If you have already purchased an annual pass for 2021 before 03/06, we will extend it until 4 June 2022.

    Please note that if multiple bookings are made without a subsequent visit to the park, we reserve the option to temporarily suspend these annual passes. This is the only way we can ensure equal treatment of all our loyal visitors despite high daily quotas for our annual pass holders.


    All of our discount coupons can now be redeemed in our online shop. Please enter the promotional code to get the discount in the next step.</p> <p>Important note: The original coupon must be presented at the turnstiles for the purpose of control upon entry to the park.


    To be able to purchase the discounted ticket directly, holders of a Ruhr.TOPCARD also have to select the day of their visit online in advance. There is a special section for this in our booking tool of our web shop.

    Speedy Pass / VIP-Ticket 

    Please be aware that due to the reduced visitor capacity and modified queue routes at our attractions, we are unfortunately unable to sell Speedy Passes and VIP tickets for the time being.

    Group visits

    Visits with a group of more than 15 people are still only possible with advance payment and pre-booking in compliance with the official requirements. Please contact us at least two weeks in advance at  to order tickets.

    You will receive your tickets in advance. Payment directly at the ticket office is not possible.

    Movie Park Holidays

    We offer you also our tempting special offers comprising admission and overnight stay in our partner hotels. Your dated tickets are already included in your booking. A further pre-booking is not necessary.

    International guests:

    We are equally pleased to welcome back our international guests, but ask them to check their departure conditions before purchasing tickets. The day-dated tickets cannot be exchanged.

    We expressly point out that compliance with our hygiene and infection control regulations is also obligatory for our international guests, even if certain regulations do not apply in the respective countries.

    International guests are also only allowed to visit Movie Park Germany if they are vaccinated, recovered or tested, show a photo ID, bring medical mouth and nose protection and can present a dated online ticket for their park visit.



  • Hygiene and safety regulations

    Please be considerate of each other and observe the established safety and hygiene regulations during your stay at the park, which apply at Movie Park until further notice, so that you and other guests can enjoy a carefree day.</p> <p>

    In Movie Park it is compulsory to wear a mouth and nose protection. Therefore, one must wear medical masks (e.g. surgical mask, FFP2 &amp; 3 mask or mask of comparable certification. The mask is to be worn at the entrance, in the indoor and outdoor queues, inside the rides and inside all roofed buildings as well as in places where the distance of 1.5 meters cannot be observed. However, visitors can move around the free park area without a mask. Masks are compulsory for all guests over 6 years of age without exception.

    However, face shields or fabric masks are not an alternative to medical mouth and nose protection, as they do not offer the same protection (see RKI for more info). Therefore, they are not sufficient for your visit.

    Due to the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection, even guests with a doctor's certificate cannot be exempted from this regulation. For the protection of all guests, visiting the park without a medical mask is not possible under any circumstances.

    Please additionally and proactively adhere to the generally established distance rule of at least 1.50 metres from other guests. Due to our parking area being large and spacious, there is enough space for all guests to keep the required minimum distance. There is an obvious personal accountability that we encourage you to strictly adhere to. Floor markings also help you with orientation and keeping your distance.

    Please wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. There are numerous facilities available.

    Hand sanitizers will be provided for you by us in attractions, restaurants and stores. However, we also recommend that you bring your own disinfection and hygiene products. If necessary, you can also purchase additional disinfectant in the stores in our park.

    If, during the visit, you have symptoms that are compatible with Covid-19, please avoid contact with other guests and seek medical help. Please wear your medical mouth and nose protection under all circumstances.

    In all cases, please respect the instructions of the park staff and follow all written and verbal warnings. Guests who do not comply with these rules may be removed from the park without refund of the entrance fee. We will make use of our domiciliary rights if necessary for the safety of all guests.

    Due to the requirements and recommendations of the health authorities, we are obliged to record the contact information of our guests. This is done in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations to ensure the privacy of our guests.

    Our disinfection measures are closely coordinated with the health and regulatory authorities and are regularly monitored. All rides are disinfected at regular intervals and far more frequently than officially regulated.

    Please note: Our measures can be further adapted or supplemented should regulatory requirements require this and should they change

  • Attractions and Shows

    Due to the current situation, our Hollywood entertainment cannot take place to the usual extent and there will be restrictions.</p> <p>As part of the official requirements, Movie Park Germany will have to suspend its stunt show "Crazy Cops New York". The Roxy 4-D cinema, Time Riders and The Lost Temple are also closed. The Movie Park parade is currently suspended to avoid crowds. Our street shows will also no longer take place for this reason.

    Meet & Greets with our popular characters from PAW Patrol, SpongeBob and Co. are still possible in compliance with the valid safety precautions and new operational procedures. The corresponding show with our characters (“Let's Party with the Nick Toons”) will not take place. Due to its small footprint, the PAW Patrol command tower cannot be used for meet &amp; greets either and remains closed.

    The pre-shows of the individual attractions are currently not taking place. Visitors should be able to walk straight to the attractions without remaining in the enclosed rooms for a long time. Larger waiting areas will be relocated to the outdoor area of the attractions. Please note that the queues outside may appear to be larger. However, the waiting times are significantly shorter than in regular park operation.

    The re-theming of the “MP Xpress” to “Lucky Luke - The Ride” has been postponed for the time being in favour of the new main attraction “Movie Park Studio Tour”. Therefore, the roller coaster will still be open for you. We ask for your understanding that our priority in these dynamic times has been a new main attraction for all our guests.

    The “Movie Park Studios” with the exciting “Movie Park Studio Tour” have already started their soft opening. So you have the chance to experience the new attraction already. We will then move into regular operation in the next few weeks.

    All other attractions are accessible and will be opened according to safety standards.

    The loading concept for our attractions is based on the current Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of NRW as well as our hygiene and infection control measures, which have been closely coordinated with the responsible authorities.

  • Restaurants

    In order to shorten the waiting times in front of our gastronomic offers and to optimize the operational processes, we would like to ask you that only one person per family stands in line to receive food and drinks.

    The consumption of food and drinks outside is permitted - provided that the necessary distances are observed. Self-service and buffet offers cannot currently be implemented in our restaurants. Our restaurants are still open for you and our on-site staff will be happy to put together dishes for you (e.g. in "Van Helsing’s Club" or in the "Pizza & Pasta" restaurant).

    Further information can be found on our signs on site.


The entire park on your phone.

The entire park on your phone.