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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Two new horror mazes, a new show and a new horror movie for the 18th Halloween Horror Fest / planned to start October 7

(Bottrop-Kirchhellen, 5 October 2016) On the 18th anniversary of the Halloween Horror Fest, Movie Park Germany is offering its guests a great big gift package this year: two new horror mazes, a new horror film and a new show. What is special about it are the two new film licences that will again position Germany's largest film and theme park to live up to its name. The horror maze "Insidious – Chapter 2" is based on the film of the same name; it takes guests on a nerve-wracking journey into 650 square metres of a parallel world of fear and terror. The mission is to uncover the horrible secret of the Lambert family. The Roxy Cinema will be creating a new level of terror with "Friday the 13th™ 4D" Thursday through Sunday, starting at 6 pm. A classic all about the Camp Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees™, for all visitors 18 and up. With "The Walking Dead Breakout", the new permanent horror attraction at Movie Park Germany since the middle of the year, guests can thus dive into three different worlds of film.

Also new is the outdoor horror maze "Campout", which has been rated appropriate for ages 12 and up. This frightful camping adventure covering more than 2000 square metres is sure to guarantee some sleepless nights. Some loyal Halloween Horror Fest fans will remember the "Aaron Hypnosis Show", which will be making a comeback at Movie Park Germany in 2016, as a new edition. In Aaron's Show, the volunteers become the stars. Through the power of hypnosis, they transform into movie heroes and supermodels and can answer all the questions in a quiz except for the crucial question: "What's your name?"

With the new show launched in 2015 "The Scary Tale Terror" and the popular horror mazes "The Slaughterhouse", "Deathpital Reloaded" and "Circus of Freaks", visitors will thus enjoy two shows, six horror mazes and one horror movie. Those who are still not scared enough will also find some great entertainment out on the streets. That is where they'll find many monsters, zombies and the undead carrying out their nefarious deeds.

In Nickland, on the other hand, there will again be a "monster-free zone" set up for those whose pulse needs a break. During the day, this is also where the Halloween for Kids will take place. Here, our younger guests can also celebrate their own Halloween with not-so-scary stories, pumpkin carving, colouring, face painting and scarecrow crafts.

The Halloween Horror Fest takes place October 7 through 31, always Thursday through Sunday, from 6 pm to 10 pm. Due to the steadily growing demand in recent years, Movie Park Germany decided in 2016 to include Sundays as well. The Halloween for Kids occurs every day during the above period in October, from 12 pm to 5 pm.

The Halloween attractions are already included in the Park admission price. For more information about the prices, the opening times of the individual horror mazes, some of which open before 6 pm, and about the event itself, visit

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