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Halloween Horror Fest launched at Movie Park Germany
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Successful kick-off on the first weekend – many innovations enhance the total experience

(Bottrop-Kirchhellen, 11 October 2017) After six months of preparation and more than 5000 hours of work, the 19th Halloween Horror Fest has kicked off at Movie Park Germany. More than 180 employees have ensured that 1000 litres of fake blood, 500 bales of hay, seven metric tons of pumpkins specially grown for the Park and 5000 maize stalks have been put in their designated place in good time. "Our food service, our technicians, our Operations department – everybody has put so much lifeblood into the event to give our guests the best possible goose bumps", says Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus with a wink. Seven "houses of horror", three different "scare zones" and three rides with revised themes are now awaiting the visitors to Germany's biggest film and amusement park.

The time of preparation has been very intensive. "We have again increased the number of our actors. This past season we celebrated the most successful Halloween in the history of the Park. Accordingly, we have put even more monsters on the streets and in the houses of horror this year", Backhaus says. The Park has also worked conscientiously on the street decorations. The sewing work required twelve sewing machines running at one time to get everything finished in time. "In keeping with our standard of quality, it was important for us to make a stronger distinction between the individual themes and give them an even clearer identity. Now, for example, we have Thanksgiving on Main Street and a zombie apocalypse on the Streets of New York", says the Managing Director. Abandoned police cars, roped-off crime scenes and searchlights are now setting the tone for the streetscape there. Making the new concept complete, even the background music at the Park has been redesigned. "We have thus managed to significantly improve the street atmosphere overall", says Backhaus, pleased.

The highlight alongside the many small adjustments is the new horror attraction "Hostel", as project manager Manuel Prossotowicz explains. "Covering an area of about 1000 square meters, we have created a new attraction that is all about the movie "Hostel" from 2005, for which we acquired a licence. Twenty scenes, all with different themes, take the visitors on a journey into the perverse, abysmal depths of the human soul. From the red-light district in Amsterdam to a Slovakian disco, all the way to explicit torture scenes: it is all there to see. "We have consciously taken a step further with this attraction. Due to the violent scenes and pornographic elements, we have decided to make the new attraction accessible only for guests 18 years and older." A novelty in the history of the Park: "We have recreated the scenes to be absolutely true to the original. There are even bicycles from Amsterdam at the entrance now", says Prossotowicz. Seven kilometres of cabling have been laid, 40 loudspeakers have been installed and 500 litres of paint have been used.

"Hostel" is now the fourth attraction for Halloween at Movie Park Germany based on a movie licence. The Roxy 4D Cinema is showing the horror shocker "Friday the 13th"; the movies "Insidious" and "The Walking Dead Breakout" are two more strong licenses represented, with their own themed houses of horror. The latter also features true-to-original scenery from the American TV show, currently one of the world's most successful. In close cooperation with the AMC Network in the US, the world of "The Walking Dead®" took shape on 700 square metres last year, enabling close-up encounters at Movie Park Germany. Guests still wanting to get in the mood before the eighth season starts in late October will find themselves in just the right place.

A great deal of lifeblood has also gone into the popular attraction “Halloween for Kids”. There are seven different activities for the Park's little guests, from now until the beginning of November, every day from 12 pm to 5 pm, Thorsten Backhaus adds. "We have a small maze featuring frights appropriate for children, colouring contests and a witch who reads scary stories." Kids can also carve jack-o'-lanterns or bob for apples.

The Halloween Horror Fest at Movie Park Germany will take place on 17 selected days until 4 November. "Since the autumn break is so late this year, we also decided to celebrate Halloween in November as well," says the Managing Director. So guests will still have the chance to get the creeps even after 31 October, the actual Halloween Day.

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