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It’s a wrap in Hollywood in Germany
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The curtain for the year 2020 already had to fall last weekend in Hollywood in Germany. As part of the decisions of the federal and state government, Movie Park Germany had to close its doors earlier than planned, which also meant that the Halloween Horror Festival had to end after 1 November. The last planned Halloween weekend on 6, 7 and 8 November will therefore be cancelled. The reason for the official decision is the current developments of the Corona pandemic throughout Germany, but also especially in the state of NRW.

Due to the Corona pandemic Germany's largest movie and amusement park started the new season at the end of May with increased hygiene and infection protection measures. These were regularly reviewed and expanded during the year. The safety and health of all guests and employees had top priority right from the start. This also left a positive impact on the seasonal course of 2020:

„Our hygiene and infection protection concept has been successful. We are pleased to report that, to our knowledge, no chains of infection have been detected among our guests that can be traced back to the park," says Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus. "We would like to take this opportunity to thank the authorities once again for their good and constructive cooperation and for the quick coordination when the situation required it. Special thanks also go to our guests and employees for their support and assistance in complying with the measures.”

To let its visitors immerse in the world of movies, even under the current regulations, Movie Park Germany always remained true to its motto 'Hollywood in Germany' when implementing the new hygiene and safety measures. Whether floor markings, loudspeaker announcements or visitors’ interaction with walking acts such as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra – everything had been implemented in keeping with the typical DNA of the movie and amusement park. Attractions were cleaned at regular intervals and even far more often than required to prevent infection. In addition, more security personnel and special corona cops were on duty in the park. They did not only monitor guests’ compliance with regulations such as the obligation to wear a face mask or minimum distance rules, but also triggered a very positive media echo.

Also new this year was the online reservation system to regulate the number of visitors. This year, the maximum visitor capacity had to be significantly reduced by official order and strictly adhered to. Finally, only one third of the maximum possible total capacity of visitors was allowed to visit the park.

However, the Corona pandemic has also left its mark economically and the leisure industry is no exception. "After a continuous increase in the number of visitors in recent years, we have recorded a significant drop in the number of visitors this season and are nowhere near matching the results of recent years. This throws us back considerably in our original plans and investment projects. As a result, our quality strategy can no longer be fully implemented in the near future, which we regret very much. This includes, for example, the complete renovation of the sanitary facilities and the installation of more shading areas in the park", explains Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus. "Despite the current situation, however, we can assure our visitors that Hollywood in Germany never sleeps! The work on our new Multi Dimension Coaster is still in full swing to prepare a fitting present for our visitors for the parks 25th birthday. The construction of the new family coaster is our big goal for the season 2021 and we are looking forward to presenting a new attraction highlight to our guests".

Already a few weeks ago, the first rail parts of the new Intamin coaster were delivered. In the coming weeks, these as well as the station of the attraction will be set up and first theming elements will be delivered.

After the PAW Patrol area "Adventure Bay" and "Area 51 - Top Secret", Germany's largest movie and amusement park is thus once again expanding its portfolio of attractions for the whole family and thereby living up to its latest award: In the year of the Corona pandemic, the park was again able to convince with its family friendliness. Only recently, Movie Park Germany was again given a Gold rating (No. 1 in amusement parks) by Welt am Sonntag and Service Value.

"The current corona situation is challenging, but we must not lose our optimism and look positively towards 2021. Our claim remains to be a safe destination for families", Thorsten Backhaus summarizes.

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