🎬 25 years Halloween Horror Festival 🔪

Don't Try to Hide!


Two new horror attractions for the 25th anniversary of our Halloween Horror Festival!

When the full moon rises over Horrorwood Studios, your last hour has come. Are you brave enough to face all the monsters, zombies and serial killers from the worst horror films? Then venture into the nightmare factory and make your greatest fears come true this autumn!

When the Halloween Horror Festival casts its dark shadow ahead, over 250 monsters will be unleashed on visitors in October and November to create the right horror atmosphere.

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  • Hell House

    A deserted place full of mischief, forgotten by humanity.

  • Highlight Uebersicht - Final Stop

    Final Stop

    End of the line or light at the end of the tunnel? In the depths lurks soulless evil. An old, abandoned metro station in Los Angeles holds dark secrets.

  • Murder Museum

    The first German true crime horror house comes up with "Murder Museum - The Art of Killing" at Horrorwood Studios and has been inspired by true events.

  • Project Ningyo

    Are you ready for eternity? "Project Ningyo promises you eternal youth and true beauty.

  • The Curse of Chupacabra

    According to legends, there is evidence of paranormal activity in an ancient temple in Mexico.

  • Secrets of St. Elmo

    The abandoned western town of St.Elmo invites you to a nerve-racking experience.

  • The Slaughterhouse

    The Meatfactory invites you on a tour - return not guaranteed!

  • Circus of Freaks

    A bloody show & outlandish artists await you in this circus!