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The darkest side of Horrorwood Studios

Cut&Goodbye! We are already looking forward to the next Halloween Horror Festival!

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Erlebe unsere furchteinflößenden Horrorhäuser!

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Cinematic action

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The park is closed today
New in 2022!
Hell House

Hell House

At our Red Carpet Store!
Horrorwood Rises

Horrorwood Rises

Our new show in Studio 7!
Highlights TWD Experience
Madhouse - Insanity Lives Here

Madhouse - Insanity Lives Here

Ready for the apocalypse?

According to stories, the itinerant musician who calls himself Max Bering was exposed to nuclear rain for days at the beginning of the disaster - and yet mysteriously remained unharmed. Today, he roams from safe zone to safe zone amid mutated beasts and other dangers in the wasteland, allowing survivors to forget their troubles for a brief moment. However, some claim that he has made a pact with the devil, because his beat is simply murderous!

Max Behring

The kids and family program for the Halloween Horror Festival!


It is not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages.