Your ticket to an action-packed day of movie action at Hollywood in Germany!

Day tickets

Ticket type

Day tickets

Day tickets

4-11 years ols

Day tickets


Price ticket office
€ 56,90
€ 51,90
€ 29,90
from €29,90
from €29,90
from €29,90

We still recommend that you plan your visit online and in advance. This is the only way to get tickets at the best possible price. However, for those who decide to visit spontaneously, our box offices are open again. Special promotions, however, cannot be redeemed at the box office and holders of discount coupons, such as RUHR.TOPCARD, KiK, EDEKA, etc., must still register online.

Undated tickets and season passes must still be registered online before the visit. Tickets are excluded from exchange and refund.


Ticket type

Seasonpass Platin

Seasonpass Gold

Seasonpass Silver

Seasonpass Bronze

€ 149,90
€ 119,90
€ 99,90
€ 79,90

Standard price for adults and children. Not valid on special sale days. Under our Park Rules (see Point 2a), children under the age of 14 years are only allowed in the park if accompanied by an adult!

Please note that there is a limited number of tickets available per day and that admission is currently only possible if you have booked in advance.

Speedy Pass


Speedy Pass Platin

Speedy Pass Gold

Speedy Pass Silver

Speedy Pass Bronze

Speedy Pass One Ride

from €44,90
from €24,90
from €19,90
from €14,90
from €5,00

With our new Speedy Pass, you can now wait vitually and significantly reduce your waiting time at the rides depending on the pass you choose. Access is provided via the signposted Speedy Pass entrance.


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Guests with disabilities


12 years or over

4 to (and incl.) 11 years

Visitors with a German disability identification card

with a Degree of Disability (GdB) of 100, aG, Bl, B or H

Online/Ticket office
€ 29,90
€ 29,90
Free with reservation

A barrier-free day of filming for people with disabilities! With our special ticket for people with disabilities you can save a lot of money and enjoy your day as a film star in Hollywood in Germany without any worries. 

People with a GdB of less than 100 can purchase the ticket "reduced" directly in our webshop. The corresponding disabled person's ID must then be shown at the entrance to the park. No reduction is granted for accompanying persons. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance in our online store.

Weitere Informationen für Gäste mit Behinderung findest Du hier:

Birthday ticket

Ticket type

Birthday ticket

Upon presentation of an identification document

€ 12,90

Birthday children of all ages have the opportunity to purchase a ticket at the special price of only € 12,90 directly at our information desk on your birthday. For this purpose, only the identity card or other personal identification document (with date of birth) must be presented at the cash desk.

This ticket is not available in advance and is only valid on the birthday itself! It cannot be credited retrospectively and cannot be combined with other discounts. A discount for accompanying persons is unfortunately not granted in this context.


Ticket type

Parking ticket

Online/Ticket office
€ 8,00

Save time and buy your parking ticket directly online!

Day ticket from

€ 29,90