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Welcome to Ho-Ho-Hollywood in Germany!

How to activate your Speedy Pass

Activate your Speedy Pass and save valuable time! Simply select the next attraction, join the virtual queue and arrive at the attraction on time. The digital Speedy Pass is displayed on your smartphone and scanned by our crew at the Speedy Pass entrances. 

Step 1: Go to the website!

Visit the Speedy Pass website after your purchase!                                                                   

Step 2: Sign up with your Mail!

Select the attraction and the time slot in which you would like to visit the attraction.

Step 3: Scan your QR code!

Go to the attraction within your time slot and scan the QR code. Please be on time!

Important notes: Please choose only one kind of Speedy Passes for your visit day within one order/email address! A mixture of different Speedys (e.g. Bronze & Gold) on one visit day is unfortunately not possible!

Improve your experience with the waiting times section!

Improve your experience with the waiting times section!