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Coca-Cola Freestyle

Refresh - Refill!

With Coca-Cola Freestyle, you can invent soft drinks that don't even exist, and that may never come on the market in this combination. It's quite possible that only once in the world will someone taste this very special mix. Your mix is just for you. Try, for example, the flavors created especially for us:

  • Marilyn’s Pinky Punch
  • Sam’s Sweet Secret





Create your own flavor with Coca-Cola Freestyle! With the new Freestyle stations you can try out more than 100 variants of Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Co.


And this is how

  1. Buy cup.
  2. Fill with ice cubes.
  3. Select desired beverage from 100+ variants.
  4. Press push button until cup is full.

Coca-Cola Freestyle stations are located at the following locations: