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Welcome to Ho-Ho-Hollywood in Germany!

Guests with disabilities

Stars and Starlets with special needs

To help all of our stars and starlets with special needs have a fantastic day with us, here are some helpful informations.

Movie Park Germany wants to be a good host for all guests.

This information was created to give all guests with special needs a way to self-assess.

Only our guests know their limitations, know how to compensate them and what risks they can take.

On the other hand, only we as operators of our movie set know the risks of the rides and attractions, have to share them with our guests and bear a large share of responsibility together with our guests. Our information is based on numerous hazard assessments and risk assessments by producers of the attractions and Movie Park Germany.

Please note that exclusion from a ride due to health or safety reasons does not count as discrimination. We will continue to do everything possible to further develop inclusion without compromising the safety of our guests. If you have specific questions on your visit day, please contact our Guest Service at the "Visitor Welcome Center" and our department heads.


At Movie Park Studios, all extras are welcome and inclusion plays a big role! "Reisen für Alle" is the nationally valid certification in the field of accessibility. The measures applied at the Hollywood set were developed together and in consultation with "Reisen für alle" and Tourismus NRW e.V. and were checked by a trained and certified surveyor.

A summary of the certification can be found here.


Special Pass

For guests with disabilities that make it impossible for them to wait in the regular queue, our free Special Pass is now available. The pass can be picked up at the guest information/lost and found desk upon presentation of a legitmation (i.e. doctor's certificate, EU disability card or the like).

The Special Pass allows you and your family to get in line digitally and enjoy something else in the park in the meantime. Reserve your next desired attraction via your cell phone and you can use the special Speedy Pass entrance from the specified time (waiting time is the same as the regular waiting time).

Important to know: The Special Pass is not valid for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: License to Drive. Valid for up to 4 people.



Parking spaces for our Special Guests are located in the bus parking area. Please register with our staff via the hands-free system and have your disabled card ready.

Who can park in our parking lot for people with disabilities?

  • Holders of a severely disabled person's ID card in conjunction with the blue EU parking permit for people with disabilities.
  • Holders of a severely disabled person's card with the symbol: aG (exceptionally disabled)
  • Holders of a severely disabled person's card with the characteristic sign: Bl (blind) 

If you are arriving by train, you will find a wheelchair accessible ramp at the Feldhausen train station.

The cash desk for stars and starlets with special needs can be found on the right side of the entrance.

Your stay at Movie Park Germany

Attractions, restaurants, stores and shows are largely accessible to wheelchair users. With a few exceptions, wheelchair users can visit attractions via the entrance. If you encounter a barrier, speak to our staff. We have walkways and elevators off the official pathways that are accessible to your wheelchair. Please see our instructions for using the attractions.

For inquiries and individual case decisions, please contact our Guest Services in the "Visitor Welcome Center".

For medical emergencies, contact our First Aid immediately.

If you need a wheelchair on the day of your visit, you will find our wheelchair rental service at our "lost and found".

Sanitary facilities

The large toilet facilities of the park are suitable for wheelchair users. Exceptions are the facilities at the Ferris wheel and in individual restaurants. Especially for our smallest Oscar winners there are numerous changing facilities.

Assistance Dogs

Dogs are not allowed in Movie Park. Assistance dogs are of course exempt from this rule. If you have a dog with you, it must always remain on a leash. Assistance dogs are also not allowed in shows and attractions. Please register your four-legged companion at the ticket office.

Download brochure

This handout was created to provide all guests with limitations an opportunity for self-directed self-assessment.


In some attractions access is more difficult. Please speak to our staff.