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Spots on our services - information for a carefree day in the movies!

Hollywoodstars are used to top-class services and that's why we are always there for you, to give you a hollywood-esque service!

Baby Switch

When you bring the little ones along on your movie-tastic family day out, one family member soon becomes the ‘babysitter’. With our ‘Baby Switch’ service, the babysitter can jump straight onto the ride after the rest of the family and try out the roller coaster for themselves. You can find out more about this service and the Baby Switch Pass at the Lost&Found (Fundbüro). There are also baby changing units available at all of our toilet facilities in the park.

First aid station

Our professional first aid team is permanently on site and at your service at all times. The First Aid Station is located in Nickland next to the ‘Avatar Air Glider’ attraction and is open throughout the park opening hours. Important: Please note that we are not able to issue any medication at our First Aid Station. 

Lost Property Office

Our Lost Property Office is located on our Hollywood Boulevard, near the entrance, and is open throughout the park opening hours. Here, you can rent lockers, pushchairs and wheelchairs and, with a little luck, get reunited with your lost items. If you don’t realise you’ve lost something until you get home after your exciting day of filming, please send us a completed lost property report with all the necessary details. 

Visitors with disabilities

To ensure that all of our guests can enjoy a day of Hollywood glamour here at our theme park, we’ve put together some useful information that you can read here.


Visitor service

Got any questions, suggestions or criticism? Then drop by our Visitor Service, located in our Visitor Welcome Center right by the fountain, where we will be happy to answer any questions and provide any advice you need.


If you’d like to add a little cash to your production budget, there are three ATMs available at various locations in the park: One ATM is located by the park entrance next to the information desk. There’s another in the bank opposite Subway. The third ATM is located in the NICK Shop (right by the entrance to Nickland) next to the ticket office.

Height restrictions and safety regulations

Just like films and series have an age rating, for safety reasons, some of our attractions have certain height or age restrictions. That’s why there are TÜV safety regulations in place for all of our attractions specifiying a minimum height and, in some cases, a minimum age. We’ve put together an overview to help you plan your visit to our theme park perfectly.


Dogs are not allowed inside the park grounds.
Excluded are trained assistance dogs with appropriate proof. Please note: The assistance dog must remain on a leash at all times and is not allowed inside the attractions and shows.

At DOG HOTEL, the comfort and well-being of your beloved four-legged friend comes first!

Our boxes offer a generous area of 12m² per accommodation and are equipped with dog houses and cozy baskets supplied by the renowned dog outfitter DOGSTYLER®. This way your dog can feel at home during his time at the DOG HOTEL.

Important: Please bring food with you, water will be provided.

For owners of two or more dogs we offer the possibility to accommodate them in a box. However, we guarantee that no strange dogs will be mixed together. Please remember to bring your dog's vaccination certificate (valid SHPPI + rabies vaccination as well as proof of a current worming treatment). This is the only way we can ensure that all fluffy guests at DOG HOTEL are healthy and protected.

The price per accommodation is 10,00 €. During the park visit you will have access to the DOG HOTEL from 09:45am until park closing time.


Arrival by car

If you arrive by car, you can park in the park's own visitor parking lot for a fee of 8 €.

You can buy the parking ticket online, at the box office, at the Visitor Welcome Center and at several vending machines. The vending machines are located at the main entrance and in the exit area of the two main parking lots. There is no vending machine in the meadow parking lot.

To avoid waiting at the ticket office, we recommend that you order your parking ticket directly in our online store.


Arrival with the camper

If you arrive by motorhome, you can park in parking lot C for a fee of 8 €.


Parking with the special parking permit for severely disabled persons is free of charge. Please park in parking lot C.


Are your bags getting on your nerves while filming action scenes or have you shopped too much like the Hollywood stars? You can rent a locker right next to our Visitor Welcome Center to store your backpacks and bags. If demand is high, we have more lockers for you in our bank at the end of Hollywood Boulevard.

The service fee for a locker is € 5.00 for small lockers (H: 30cm W: 30cm D: 50cm) and € 8.00 for large lockers (H: 60cm W: 30cm D: 30cm). The lockers will only be reset the next morning before the park opens, so that private items can still be stored there after the park closes, even during an event. Please understand that the number of our lockers is limited and that they may no longer be available if the number of visitors is high. Reservations are unfortunately not possible.

VIP Service

Shop like a VIP in Hollywood! Found the perfect souvenir in one of our shops but don’t feel like carrying a bunch of shopping bags around? No problem! Just use our free VIP Service. Enjoy some stress-free shopping and then collect your purchases from our central Department Store at the end of the day. So you can head home relaxed, with plenty of movie-tastic memories and shopping bags full of Hollywood glamour.

Payment methods

In addition to cash, all of our ticket offices and restaurants and shops also accept card payments (EC card with PIN, as well as the credit cards VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club). Visitors can also pay via Google Pay and Apple Pay. Please note that our mobile stands can only accept cash payments.

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The safest family day out by far!

The safest family day out by far!