Horrorwood Rises - Mapping Show

A new monstrous Halloween character comes to life - accompanying guests through a three-and-a-half-minute mapping show that immerses the facades of the Red Carpet Store, as well as the entire park, in a terrifying display of music, effects and 3D graphics. This new apocalyptic debut will also incorporate popular park characters and attractions, as well as the new "Hell House" maze. The new mapping show was realized within three months with a 6-person team from IMAscore / IMAmotion. A graphic designer, a media designer, a 3D artist, a sound and music designer, a director and a technician were involved. The visual production and hardware installation was done by IMAmotion, the music and sound production by IMAscore. As part of this, a custom song was also composed for the newly designed Halloween character, which vocally raises the pulse and Halloween atmosphere at Horrorwood Studios during the mapping show.

Horrorwood Rises
The song for the Mapping Show - Horrorwood Rises!

The song for the Mapping Show - Horrorwood Rises!

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