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You're ready for an exciting trip to Mars? At Movie Park Germany, it's very simple: climb into the spaceship and hold on tight – the Backyardigans Mission to Mars is launching you into space!

Of course, you're not alone in this adventure. Who, if not your favourite heroes from "Backyardigans – The Backyard Dwarves", would be better suited to explore Mars with you? After all, the five funny friends are experts in travelling to the most amazing places. And this time, you can be there live – as a real space adventurer!

Mission to Mars – Out and About with the Backyardigans
Tasha, the cute hippo, and Tyrone, the moose, do the countdown for you: "3... 2... 1... blast off!" And you'll be zooming into space. At about 40 km/h, you will whiz past alien planets and land on the surface of Mars. If you venture a glance out of the spacecraft window during the wild ride, you will be amazed. From the barren red landscape, all the way to the unbelievable creatures who live here, everything seems to suggest that Backyardigans – Mission to Mars has actually catapulted you onto the Red Planet.

Have a good look around and enjoy your stay – before you know it, the spaceship will already be bringing you back home. But don't worry: The Backyardigans will see to it that no one is forgotten on Mars. At the end, you land safely back on Earth – right in the middle of Europe's largest film and amusement park: Movie Park Germany!

Get on board now and blast off!
Backyardigans – Mission to Mars is an exciting ride into a strange world. From a height of about 8 metres, you can explore the barren landscape of Mars. Who knows? Maybe you'll even meet some little green Martians!

By the way: like with any trip, the space adventure with the Backyardigans is also the most fun when good friends and family are with you on board. So you'd best grab your friends, siblings and parents and experience the exciting journey together!

Get ready for your Mission to Mars – you'll find this roller coaster at Movie Park Germany in the "NICKLAND" district.

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