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Have you always been keen on swing boat rides? Does a tour by inflatable boat sound like fantastic fun? ? Then take it up a notch with Crazy Surfer: here it doesn't only go up and down like the turbulent sea, but also in a circle! A bit like a storm on the high seas, only that with Crazy Surfer you'll stay completely dry (except maybe for your own sweat?)..

The Mega Disk'O Coaster is the perfect ride for hydrophobic landlubbers who want to know how it is to ride the waves with nothing more than a board under their feet. And, of course, for all those who know the difference between surfing fun and water and are looking for the perfect wave at Movie Park Germany.

Sounds good? Then climb in and let yourself go.

Instead of a surfboard, here you get on a rotating disc – and instead of a sail, a backrest bar gives you security. Then hold on, because in the Crazy Surfer you will quickly lose sight of front and back while the gondola moves up to 15 metres up and down – along a path of about 80 metres.

You will find Crazy Surfer at Movie Park Germany in the "Santa Monica Pier" district. So quick – get your surfer hairdo ready and come on over!

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Children up to 3 years are free

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