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  • Ghost Chasers

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Min. leeftijd kinderen
6 Jahre
Min. Height
120 cm

On Ghost Chasers, you'll find Bikini Bottom haunted by ghosts – and you're caught in the middle! Below you: Bikini Bottom and Movie Park Germany. In front of you: the abyss. And behind you: the Flying Dutchman!

Hold on tight while the ghosts chase you through SpongeBob's home town, amidst the snug backdrop of anemones and coral. "Snug" is actually a terrible way to describe Ghost Chasers: narrow curves and fast-paced descents await you – and every time you think you've escaped the Flying Dutchman, he'll send your boat swirling and twirling all over again.

Ghost Chasers is an adventure ride for the whole family.

Here at a height of 15 metres, you have a wonderful view of Movie Park Germany – but you'll hardly have time to enjoy it. At about 370 metres, you'll soon meet with nerve-wracking descents and daring manoeuvres that seem to lead you out over the edge. That doesn't scare you? Then come on over and join SpongeBob on this wild ride. And who knows? Maybe you can turn the tables and drive the Flying Dutchman and his ghostly crew out of Bikini Bottom – and let everyone know who the real Ghost Chasers are!

You will find the wild mouse roller coaster Ghost Chasers at our theme park in the NICKLAND area. Come on over and show the ghosts what true ghost chasers are made

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