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6 Jahre
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A ride on this roller coaster is like a fast-paced chase in the Wild West – only that you're out and about faster than in any stagecoach or on any horse. It's the first German wooden roller coaster built after the traditional American model – so it conveys an extraordinary Wild West atmosphere and truly lives up to its name: The Bandit will have robbed you of a few things when all is said and done: your nerves, for example, and maybe your composure too!

Outwardly, The Bandit may remind you of a wooden railway bridge from the Wild West – but if you're expecting upholstered seats, a cup of tea and a quiet ride, get ready to be disappointed: at more than 70 km/h, there are going to be ups and downs, along with the rattle of the wagons and the screams of your fellow passengers – so hold on tight! The only thing The Bandit has in common with a train journey is the view: from a height of 30 metres, you have a great view of the entire Park.

You'd like to experience the Wild West close up?

You'll find The Bandit at Movie Park Germany in "The Old West" area. Then all that's left to do is to sit down and let the safety bars click into place – but beware: don't get too comfortable!

The Bandit starts at full speed then drops you down, leading you round close curves at a frantic pace. There's a stop after about 1000 metres – but not until the ride is over.

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