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The Bandit

Race through the Wild West on Germany’s first wooden roller coaster!
Type of attraction
 Roller coaster
Teenagers (14 - 18 y.o.) Adults (>18 y.o)
Access limitations
Minimum height: Minimum height: 120 cm
Maximum weight: 480 kg per car
6 years
Accessible for people with disabilities
All Year
78 km/h
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Race through the Wild West on Germany’s first wooden roller coaster!

A ride on this roller coaster is just like a fast-paced chase through the Wild West – except that you’ll be travelling faster than any stagecoach or horse could take you. As Germany’s first wooden roller coaster, based on a traditional American model, the Bandit promises an extra dose of Wild West atmosphere – and it truly lives up to its name: because by the end of the ride, the Bandit will definitely have robbed you of something: your breath, for example, and maybe even your composure!

From the outside, the Bandit looks just like a wooden railway bridge from the Wild West – but if you’re expecting cushioned seats, a cup of tea and a relaxing, easy-going journey, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. This ride will take you up and down at over 70 km/h, accompanied by the rattling of the cars and the screams of your fellow riders – so hold on tight! The only thing the Bandit has in common with a real train ride is the view: from about 30 metres above the ground, you’ll have a great view of the entire theme park.

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Less waiting, more action!

Less waiting, more action!

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€ 29,90