The High Fall

Type of attraction
 Free Fall Tower
Teenagers (14 - 18 y.o.) Adults (>18 y.o)
Access limitations
Minimum height: Minimum height: 145 cm
Maximum height: Maximum height: 195 cm
Riders must be able to board the ride independently
10 years
Accessible for people with disabilities
Accepted Fast-Passes
 Speedy Pass Gold
 Speedy Pass Platinum
 Speedy Pass Silver
All Year
98 km/h
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An adrenaline rush in free fall!

A ride on The High Fall will take you flying high. What starts as a relaxing ride up an observation tower  quickly turns into a wild, adrenaline-fuelled experience. 

On the way up, you’ll have a moment to prepare for your role as an action hero. Take this opportunity to practise your cool facial expression as you enjoy the view of the entire theme park .But sooner than you think, you’ll suddenly hear the words ‘and action!’ , followed by the sound of the clapperboard and then the action scene of your life will begin: from a height of 60 metres, you’ll plunge down towards the ground in free fall – at over 90 km/h! The free fall is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Got your fear of heights under control and still feel like you’re dangling 60 metres in the air, in true movie-star style? By the time the adrenaline rush gets you trying to jump out of your seat, The High Fall will bring you back down to the ground.

Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself. And now there’s no excuse not to, because you know that the free fall tower is located in the ‘The Old West’ area!

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Less waiting, more action!

Less waiting, more action!

Day ticket from 

€ 29,90