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Der Termin für 2017 steht noch nicht fest.


Motivated hobby athletes from numerous countries around the globe are expected to take part in the fifth official Handbag-Throwing World Championship (HTWWWM) at Movie Park Germany.

The teams of four can choose from different kinds of throws: free-style, discus throw, crank throw and the throw between the legs. Participants get ready for the throw of their lives at training camps, working to improve their strategies, techniques, outfits and best throw distances.


In the summer of 2014, Pierre Ermini (piano mover from Wuppertal) threw a princely distance of 20.95 metres for Finland in the finals and surpassed the record held by Stefan Krämer (2013) by 6.74 metres. . Team Austria became the World Champions with a total distance of 92.81 metres in the finals.

The HTWWWM was held for the first time on 11 August 2012 and supports unlimited throwing freedom and intercultural understanding. It connects peoples and nations. And so, under the "bags from across the world", "people from across the world" are supposed to set an example for peace and solidarity, no matter their skin colour, religion or political worldview.


The origin of the HTWWWM was an attempted theft at a café in Cologne, Germany, that was observed by the later inventor of the idea and its organiser, André Puchta. The thief did not succeed in snatching the female victim's open handbag. While she took the loss of her wallet and other valuables, she still defended her handbag, as it represented many memories and experiences for her.

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