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  • Dora´s Big River Adventure
  • Dora´s Big River Adventure

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6 years
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1,00m - 1,20m

Do you love Dora the Explorer? Have you always wanted to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure with her?At Dora's Big River Adventure, you have the chance to accompany your hero on a crazy, humid jungle journey. Boots, Dora's little monkey with the red boots, is on board too, of course.

Are you already excited about what you will find on the river journey? Then climb onto one of the floating tree trunks and begin your tour through the colourful rainforest with Dora. But beware: this expedition is no Sunday drive! Dora and Boots will lead you in your tree trunk up a mountain – and then you will go down a waterfall at about 80 km/h. You can already tell: you'll need to wear expedition clothes on this trip – on Dora's Big River Adventure, you are certainly going to get wet.

Sounds like fun? It is!

For real explorers, this ride is definitely worth it: funny crocodiles and colourful rock formations, dangerous rapids and water fountains, dark tunnels and a sparkling waterfall make Dora's Big River Adventure a unique treat for the whole family.

You're convinced? Then come to "NICKLAND" and venture out on your own personal jungle adventure with Dora on our white-water ride! Who knows what else you'll discover on this river journey?

Don't forget: Dora's Big River Adventure is not for hydrophobic explorers – here you're guaranteed to get wet!

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