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Excalibur – this attraction is as mysterious as its name! On this extraordinary white-water ride, you'll not only be exploring the course of a mysterious river. With a little luck, you'll also catch a glimpse of creatures that you have otherwise only known from books.

No wonder your journey on Excalibur starts in a weaponary! It might sound strange at first, but consider this: books are where many stories originate – and are thus the home of mythical creatures such as elves, dragons and dwarves. But don't worry: Movie Park Germany wouldn't be Germany's largest film and amusement park if you couldn't expect more action than a cosy afternoon of reading on the couch!

Instead of a wing-back chair, you'll climb onto a round boat – and the adventurous journey can begin! There's room in each boat for up to 9 people – so Excalibur is well suited for groups or families.

The special thing about this rafting ride (apart from the fact that you'll be watched from the shore by dragons, dwarves and witches): Excalibur not only runs outside under the open sky, but the ride will also take you through inside areas, such as a mysterious cave.

Curious? Want to find out for yourself what Excalibur is all about? You'll find the rapids ride at Movie Park Germany in the Adventure Lagoon in NICKLAND.

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