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Have you ever wondered how a big city like New York is supplied with electricity? With the NYC Transformer, Movie Park Germany offers an action-packed answer: have a seat in the gondola of the oversized transformer and see for yourself what sort of energy is released when about 40 people spin wildly through the air!

Even from the outside, the NYC Transformer looks like a small power plant: industrial buildings, thick walls, fences and warning signs keep onlookers away from the immediate vicinity of the transformer. But it’s all for their own safety, of course: once the giant gondola has been set in motion, the tracks should be clear.

Those who decide to take a ride in the NYC Transformer hopefully have a good head for heights – and have paid attention in physics class. The ones feeling the electrical tension here are especially the passengers, who are being thrown into the air, defying gravity! And the word "tension" also takes on a whole new meaning if you start clinging to your shoulder bar anticipating the next somersault!

Fun and adrenaline – exactly to your taste? Then climb in, feel the click of the safety strap and off you go! Fastened between two side arms, the NYC Transformer catapults you into the air with somersaults. From about 8 metres, you have a great view of the theme park – or of the sky. "Above" and "below" can quickly lose their meaning here.

The somersault swing NYC Transformer is located at the Park in the "Streets of New York".


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