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As a classic "chairoplane", the Pier Side Carousel transports you to America of the 1960s. Stroll over the promenade of the Santa Monica Pier and you'll probably see the beautiful carousel even from afar: with its blue-and-white striped roof and the golden ornaments, it's even a special delight for the eyes!

A ride on the chairoplane – it's like surfing on gentle waves, like gliding on air currents, accompanied only by the quiet clinking of the chains and the passengers' soft exclamations of elation. You'd like to venture a ride? Simply decide if you'd rather sit outside or inside and take a seat in one of the 48 brightly coloured chain chairs. If you look up, you'll be treated to the sight of lovely pictures.

During the ride, actually more of a flight, you won't have the chance to admire the artwork because centrifugal forces will push you out from under the roof, causing you to rotate diagonally around the carousel. Whether you enjoy the view of the Park or close your eyes and surrender to the weightless sensation of flying, a ride on the Pier Side Carousel is worth it!

You'll find the chairoplane Pier Side Carousel in the "Santa Monica Pier" area, across from the big wheel "Santa Monica Wheel". Come on over and lose yourself in the world of one of California's most popular filming locations!

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