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You'd like to enjoy a fantastic view of the Park? To feel the wind on your face? To leave behind you the excitement and adrenaline from action-packed rides such as The High Fall, NYC Transformer or The Bandit – just for a moment, and catch your breath?

Then you're in just the right place: climb in one of the gondolas of the Santa Monica Wheel and let the big wheel work its magic! During the relaxing ride, you can travel back in time – here at Santa Monica Pier, you'll seem to immerse yourself in America of the 1960s.

Each of the 16 gondolas has space for up to four people – and invites you to sit back and enjoy... For example, the view of the Park. Impressions from your past hours at Movie Park Germany. The company of your fellow passengers. Or simply the fresh air at a height of 20 metres.

From our big wheel, for example, you have a fantastic view of the Pier Side Carousel with its amazing ornaments. You can also risk a glance over at "The Old West". It’s a perfect combination: simply use the moments up in the Santa Monica Wheel to plan your next steps at the Park!

No fear of heights but feeling like a quiet ride? You'll find the Santa Monica Wheel at Movie Park Germany in the "Santa Monica Pier" area – come right over and enjoy the view!

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