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If you've always wanted to know how a frisbee in free flight through the air must feel, you should definitely check this out. But beware: Side Kick is not for the faint of heart, Sunday drivers or anyone afraid of heights!

Consisting of a disc that swings back and forth on a mast, this attraction is something between a swing boat and a "turntable" carousel. During the ride, you'll not only be hurled from one side to the other, attached to the scaffolding about 17 metres high – at the same time, you'll also be turning several times on your own axis.

Sounds like an attraction to your taste? Then come on over, fasten your shoulder bar and show that you're up to the whirling on the Side Kick! During the ride, you won't be looking out over the Park. No, you'll be sitting, as in a circle of chairs, around the mast, looking towards the inside of the gondola disc – always against the direction of travel. This makes the ride on the Side Kick even more exciting.

Up and down and all round, here you're definitely always on the move! For those who like it a bit wilder and enjoy extreme rides, the Side Kick is just the right thing!

You'll find the attraction at Movie Park Germany, in "The Old West". After the ride, you should actually be sufficiently whirled and twirled up. For those who still haven't had enough, there's the roller coaster MP Xpress right next door.

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Children up to 3 years are free

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