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You've always wanted to visit SpongeBob in his home town? At the SpongeBob Splash Bash, you will explore Bikini Bottom in little boats, visit the The Krusty Krab and see Squidward Tentacles, Patrick Star, Gary the pet snail, the mean old Sheldon J. Plankton and, of course, Spongebob himself!

The special feature of the SpongeBob Splash Bash: instead of a cosy ride, you will find the ultimate water fight in this colourful underwater world. From showers and waterfalls and fountains, to the splashy two-room pineapple – here you'll find everything your sponge-heart desires.

Set out on your way in your boat mobile and enjoy the view of algae-covered anchors, colourful coral and giant clams – but be careful: the SpongeBob Splash Bash will get you wet! On board, there are water cannons for all the passengers; you can use them to give fellow drivers or even passers-by a little cool-down. Or else you can aim at the seashells and be rewarded with spectacular water effects.

Especially on hot days, a ride at the SpongeBob Splash Bash is a refreshing adventure for the whole family. Climb in, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to be surprised at about 150 metres at what SpongeBob's home town has to offer!

SpongeBob Splash Bash

You'll find the water attraction SpongeBob Splash Bash in "NICKLAND" at our theme park. But beware: the boat ride is not for hydrophobic landlubbers – here you are guaranteed to get wet!

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