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"A voyage at sea, what fun it can be!" – and on the Stormy Cruise, it's exciting more than anything else! Here, just like on the high seas, you'll be properly tossed about. But don't worry: Stormy Cruise may feel like a cruise out in a storm, but there's no risk of capsizing.

You've always wanted to challenge the power of Poseidon and conquer the waves? Now you can set sail with Stormy Cruise and prove there's a real captain inside you!

The colourful boat has room for up to 32 people. Don't expect any cabins, though – and definitely not a galley! Make yourself comfortable on deck, fasten your seatbelt and show how seaworthy you really are. As if amongst strong waves, the little boat revolves round its own axis during the ride – and is tossed back and forth. Unlike a real boat ride in a storm, you'll stay dry – so it's just the right thing for hydrophobic landlubbers not wanting to miss a real adrenaline rush.

Swing boat was yesterday – today's adventurous sailors give the Stormy Cruise a whirl! You will find the attraction at Movie Park Germany in the "Santa Monica Pier" area. By the way: those looking for a wilder ride should give the Crazy Surfer a try. It operates on the same principle but is a bit more turbulent. Are you up to it?

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