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  • Team Umizoomi Number Tumbler

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Would you like to meet Milli, Geo and Bot of the Team Umizoomi in person? Join them on an exciting adventure and work together with them on mathematical challenges? Team Umizoomi Number Tumbler at Movie Park Germany offers you the chance to do just that – and to have a lot of fun at the same time!

Milli, Geo and Bot the Robot welcome you directly at the entrance. There you'll find the first mathematical puzzle: 1, 2 or 3 – can you read the numbers on the wagon? Where do you want to take a seat? How many seats are there anyway? And how many of your friends, siblings and parents can go with you on the ride in the Team Umizoomi Number Tumbler?

As soon as all number-crazy passengers, big and small, have taken their seats and fastened their safety belts, the ride will begin. Team Umizoomi Number Tumbler laterally rotates in a circle – and you're part of the action! Can you feel the tingling in your stomach? The wind in your face?

How many rounds can you complete during one ride? And how many metres could it be from the highest point to the ground? What luck to have Team Umizoomi on site!

Team Umizoomi Number Tumbler is a fun attraction for the whole family. Even the smallest adventurers can climb on and enjoy the ride to its fullest. Simply come over to "NICKLAND" and see for yourself!

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