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"Fly high" is the motto if you decide to go for a ride in The High Fall. What starts as a relaxing trip to an observation tower quickly becomes an adrenaline rush. From a height of 60 metres, you'll suddenly plummet towards the ground – at more than 90 km/h!

Just the action you've been looking for? Fantastic. Then here's what you need to do: have a seat, adjust the shoulder bar and seat belt – and sit back and relax for the moment. For only those who climb up high can have a long way to fall. In the free fall tower, at first you'll comfortably ride to the top, towards the sky. It would be better to look down, though, because that is where you'll find a breath-taking view of the Park. Enjoy the peace and quiet for a moment and think about where you'd like to relax afterwards – the free fall is guaranteed to take your breath away!

From one moment to the next, the peace and quiet will be over with and you'll be zooming towards the ground at full speed. What looked tiny from the lofty heights will become bigger and bigger while the air seems to drain from your lungs ... and before you know it, you'll also be coming to a halt. Is that your screaming still ringing in your ears?

Free-fall tower – is that something you've already done a hundred times?

The High Fall is different: the seats lean 45 degrees forward and thus make the fall even more sensational. What are you waiting for? You'll find the attraction at Movie Park Germany in "The Old West" – come on over and just let it all go. It's worth it!

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