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Are you ready for an adventure that will send you through time and space? With his Time Riders, the brilliant Dr Horace Garrison Wells has just completed a totally new invention – and is now searching for volunteers to test these unusual vehicles!

Naturally, the scientist is not simply going to leave the valuable inventions out in the front garden of his magnificent villa. After a short interview, Dr Wells' nephew will show you the way to the secret lab, hidden deep under the ground. Here, Dr Wells will connect via video to explain what his Times Riders are all about. And then the ride will start: dinosaurs, Middle Ages, spaceships – the Time Riders make possible what has always seemed impossible!

The only problem

A clueless amateur can easily cause a tear in the space-time continuum with his vehicle – and thus become a prisoner, stuck in the depths of time.. That's why you'll need to keep your eyes open during your adventure and look after your fellow travellers – we don't want anybody to get lost and no longer find their way back to the present!

Are you up to boarding one of the incomparable Time Riders and embarking on a breath-taking journey through time? Then you'd best be on your way: you'll find Dr Wells' villa at our Park in the "Streets of New York".

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