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„Welcome to the Movie Park Studios!“ Storyline and theme of the new coaster blockbuster guarantee even more Hollywood in Germany in 2021 P&P Projects, IMAscore, Leisure Expert Group and Wiebe Damstra join forces with Movie Park team for new coaster studio tour

(Bottrop-Kirchhellen, 3 December 2020) Movie Park Germany rolls out the red carpet for the biggest Hollywood adventure in park history! The theme and storyline of the new Multi Dimension Coaster, which will celebrate its premiere next year, clearly calls for spotlights and action! The new attraction for the park’s 25th anniversary takes the whole family on an exciting Hollywood studio tour with different sets and scenes as well as a matching preshow.

The mix of coaster and dark ride not only provides visitors with fast and captivating action like in a blockbuster, but also transports them directly into the world of movies with a matching Hollywood story to let them become a star for one day. ‘Welcome to the Movie Park Studios’ will be the motto for summer 2021 in Germany's largest movie and amusement park when the new coaster opens its gates for the public.

Of course, a good blockbuster can only be brought to life by its main actors and directors. Therefore, Movie Park Germany is working with a handful of experts to realize the new ride. The creative heads of IMAscore and IMAmotion, the Leisure Expert Group, Wiebe Damstra and the renowned partner P&P Projects, which already worked for Universal and Disney, play a leading role in the realization of the new Multi Dimension Coaster by INTAMIN. For the implementation of this new large-scale project, the Movie Park team even visited the original Hollywood Studios in California to ensure an authentic theming.

"We are happy to offer our visitors even more Hollywood in Germany! The new family coaster for the park’s 25th anniversary is a homage to the past and at the same time a new step towards a vision of the future", says Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus. "Inspired by the famous Hollywood Studios in California, the new coaster will be spectacularly staged with a matching storyline, studio and set theming as well as multimedia".

+++ Light, camera, action: These are the next steps for the new coaster +++

2021 screenplay, take 5: the storyline for a Hollywood-like adventure

The red carpet is rolled out, the headlights are in position: Welcome to the Movie Park Studios! Before visitors experience a spectacular day in Hollywood in Germany, they pass the huge studio gate, which is based on the iconic studios in Los Angeles and will be the new landmark of the themed area. In addition to an elaborately designed waiting area, all movie and amusement park fans can look forward to a matching preshow that will take them straight into the world of stars and starlets.

And now it is time for action! During a spectacular studio tour, the guests immerse themselves in a behind the scenes experience and dive into the different steps of movie production. From the film archive to the special effects department and the sound department, the new coaster takes them through a total of 12 different scenes, which are reminiscent of well-known movie scenes or the production processes happening behind the scenes of movies. To comply to the style of the shimmering Hollywood Studios in California, the station of the new indoor coaster will be built in the typical art deco style. A new studio tour logo will also be developed for the attraction.

The new attraction convinces with a combination of future vision and nostalgia! Visitors not only experience fast-paced fun at speeds of up to 60 km/h, but also immerse themselves in the history of Germany's largest movie and amusement park. "With the new Multi Dimension Coaster we want to further strengthen the brand 'Movie Park Germany' and position ourselves even more specifically as a movie-themed park", says Manuel Prossotowicz, Project Manager and Director Brand Development. "At the same time, we are also taking our guests back into the park's past to make the Movie Park Studios a more realistic experience. Long-time visitors can look forward to numerous easter eggs, among other things, that are only waiting to be discovered".

Elements of old attractions, such as the former "Gremlins Invasion" ride, the "Cop Car Chase" coaster and the “Movie Magic Studios” will be integrated and staged in the new coaster studio tour. For the new ride, the blueprints of the former studios on the Movie Park grounds, where movies were already produced, and old footage of many park highlights were collected and compiled. Additionally, new experiences are created for the whole family. For instance, new characters, designed for a broad target audience, will accompany and entertain visitors on their adventure in the Movie Park Studios.

2021 screenplay, take 6: the directors and VIP partners of the new Hollywood adventure

Movie Park Germany raises the curtain for a strong team that is involved in the realization of the new Multi Dimension Coaster. With P&P Projects the park has won an internationally operating and strong creative partner to work on the new attraction, who is specialized in the design-build of themed immersive experiences for the leisure industry. The team can already look back on numerous well-known references and has already worked for major clients such as Universal, Disney, Europa-Park, Efteling and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. The experts also produce special effects and animated figures and are ready to bring this story to life with their knowledge of among others, theming, animated figures and props, audio-video lighting and sound.

A leading role in the creative concept behind the new Hollywood coaster is played by Movie Park Germany's own project team as well as IMAscore and IMAmotion. IMAscore develops the music and sound effects for the new VIP attraction. The associated subsidiary IMAmotion takes on the main role for multimedia and special effects. For the major coaster project, IMAmotion is also expanding its portfolio and will be responsible for animation and graphics for the first time. To provide dramaturgy as well as musical suspense, Movie Park Germany has engaged the renowned Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra and a 40-piece choir for recordings that will contribute the right atmosphere to the attraction blockbuster.

For the development of the project and for the design, the park is also working with the Dutch experts from Leisure Expert Group. A partner that is used to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, as they have been involved with the design of many shows and events in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The Amsterdam based company has been a trusted design support for Movie Park Germany as they were already commissioned with the PAW Patrol themed world "Adventure Bay", which opened in 2019, and the retheme of “Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forest”, which was introduced in 2018.

With Wiebe Damstra, Germany's largest movie and amusement park has once again won a year-long partner and project manager to support the park's internal creative team in implementation and coordination. Damstra has already worked as project manager for numerous European amusement parks. Movie Park and Wiebe Damstra are already a well-rehearsed team: In the past years, he and his company Damstra Techniek BV realized the triple launch coaster "Star Trek™: Operation Enterprise" and the new PAW Patrol themed area "Adventure Bay".

2021 screenplay, take 7: the initial scenes – development of the new attraction

Already at the beginning of the conception phase 1.5 years ago, the park decided that a Hollywood vibe should be brought out even more with the new attraction 2021 to emphasize the central theme of the park. "Movie Park's creative team traveled directly to the famous Hollywood Studios in California last year to ensure the greatest possible authenticity for the new Multi Dimension Coaster and to be able to implement the studio theme as realistically as possible," says Manuel Prossotowicz.

But of course, the park’s visitors played a starring role in the new blockbuster as well! To give its guests a special surprise on the occasion of the park’s 25th anniversary and to respond to the wishes of its target group, Movie Park Germany conducted extensive visitor surveys. Based on qualitative and quantitative surveys, the park team worked together with numerous families and survey participants to determine which attractions are particularly in demand.

"The results were very clear. Among the most popular attractions were dark rides and family coasters without inversions," Thorsten Backhaus summarizes. "With the new coaster, we are now combining the most desired and popular attraction types and elements to create a novelty in 2021 that is unique in Europe in this form".

The new indoor coaster without inversions is suitable for the whole family and at the same time promises to be as action-packed as Hollywood itself: a dark ride with sound and special effects, two forward and backward launch sections and a 360-degree rotating platform offer a cinematic and immersive experience with multimedia elements. Due to its overall theme and many interesting route elements, the new Hollywood attraction addresses young people as well and becomes an attraction for different generations.

The construction and implementation process in the 3.800 m² hall in which the new indoor coaster is being built is currently in full swing. Work on the attraction blockbuster already started in October when the first track elements were delivered. In the next few weeks, the attraction's station will be set up, and the first theming elements will be delivered. Fresh news from Hollywood in Germany will be regularly available on the park's social media channels. All construction progress will be documented there.